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Stern Suit: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Howard Stern has been sued by CBS Radio over promoting Sirius Satalite Radio during his last year on the air. As a long time fan and avid listener, I know that any talk of Sirius while Howard was with CBS radio was approved by top CBS management and that anything they didn't want on the air could have been dumped as easily as the word 'anal'. The case should be a slam dunk for Howard since CBS should be estopped from trying to collect damages. I find it interesting that the dismal ratings for Howard's replacements, Adam Corolla and David Lee Roth, just came out and now we see this lawsuit. Is this mere coincidence or is CBS Radio trying to make up for all the lost revenue?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First let me state I admire your attempt to appear intellectual. As a "long time fan" that is quite a feat. However I ask the following questions:


While stern alleges that he had "an explicit agreement" with Joel Hollander allowing him to discuss the Sirius deal on the air as long as he did not mention the satellite network by name.

In the courts if this agreement is not in writing it is not an explicit agreement"


Each of the comments made by stern at this point in the suit, are very carefully crafted statements. He is seeking to spin the coverage of the suit to keep the loyal (kool-aid drinking) fans like yourself appeased.


I find it simply amazing that so many of stern's fans "know" what happens behind the scenes. This arrogance is appalling, stern is an entertainer. As an entertainer, he is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure he keeps his listening audience. This includes lying on the air multiple times regarding his "honesty" and his desire to take on the competition on the air. Case in point is when karmizen became head of the radio division, stern repeatledly ran to karmizen seeking to have other hosts on infinity/cbs radio stopped from mentioning stern's name. See Opie and Anthony, who while on FM were actually dumped by the station for saying howard stern.

Stern's tirade about not wanting to be in an industry with a "bubba the love sponge" is another example of his dishonesty. once he found himself with two full channels to program on sirius, and the limited talent pool available, stern then spun it to "I hired bubba because he was fired for indecency"


Wake up and see that your idol has been lying and conniving all along to ensure he is on top, while rerecording "FartMan" and "Out of the closet stern" bits on Sirrius. That is outstanding use of this medium for the self proclaimed "king of all media"

I hope being a lemming pays well, faggot


5:14 AM  
Anonymous KellyE said...

It's the conflict that will keep HS listeners tuned-in. I'm a huge fan, but it's obvious that without a fight, he can't bring the fans together. Pathetic. =(

4:24 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

The first month of the new Sirius show had no controversy, just hilarity. If you think Stern needs someone to rail agains then you're insane. Howard is an entertainer and he's out to make money. He does both very well and I doubt he intends to stop entertaining or lose his money. The idea that he brings this lawsuit on himself is just a wacked out conspiracy theory. The truth is that there are a few great corporate leaders and a whole lot of losers.

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